2200 Buford Hwy Suite 108   Buford, Georgia 30518

Hours of Operation
Thursday - Saturday 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 

during public theatre events or by appointment

Mr. Lynn A. Bowman, Curator     e-mail

Welcome to our newly redesigned site for the Museum of Buford. It has been the idea, since the inception of the museum in 1986, that we share the collection with the public and make it available in as many ways as possible. From our humble beginnings, we have gone through many changes, resided in five different locations, and have recently expanded to our latest home with room for expansion. What is most exciting is that we have also moved beyond our "bricks and mortar" to bring you a larger portion of the collection, that we could not offer within the confinements of our physical location. Now you can view many more of the historic photographs found within our extensive collection, and we can reach a broader base in an unlimited time frame. We hope that you enjoy the photographs as well as the fine art selections held within the Museum of Buford, and return time and time again to see what is new. For those of you that can visit our diverse city, please stop by and see the collection in person.
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